Thursday, August 12, 2010

XII. Inspirational Poetry





So tender and numerous, you cover the land

the slightest breeze indeed, your seeds will send;

across the earth, you dance away

drift in the wind, you gently sway;

to find another, place to rest

and germinate, in grasses nest;

more precious, you will re-appear

for you we wait, another year






Your Servants


A life committed to you my Lord

for you, they’ll always draw the sword;

with faithful words, the Gospels tell

what in their hearts, you let them dwell;

They march the streets, amongst the nations

and happily proclaim, of your salvation;

Day in, day out, they dust their coats

to gladly walk, along the roads;

They gather your sheep, as you desire

with all the winds, they carry the fire;

Your light will shine, from near and far

an end to bring, to the Holy War;

Now peace on earth, we all enjoy

The Word announced, no more to destroy






The Light


So bright a light, I cannot see

the warmth it sends, across to me;

I feel the heat, it is quite soothing

for in the light, no shadows looming;

is this to be, the place of rest?

no kin to follow me, in this quest;

this is the home, that I desired

I long to be, by You required;

forever, in the light to walk

to soak within, like flower and stalk;

and bloom so sweet, for eternity

the life I lost, was granted me


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