Friday, October 29, 2010

The Science of Correspondences: Emanuel Swedenborg


.... the Word has been given by the Lord to man and also to the angels in order that by it they may be with Him; for the Word is the medium that unites earth with heaven, and through heaven with the Lord. Its literal sense is that which unites man with the first heaven; and as within the literal there is an internal sense which treats of the Lord's kingdom, and within this a supreme sense which treats of the Lord; and as these senses are in order one within another, it is evident what is the nature of the union with the Lord that is effected by means of the Word. E. Swedenborg [AC 3476]

The Word is not understood, except by those who are enlightened. The human rational faculty cannot comprehend Divine, nor even spiritual things, unless it be enlightened by the Lord. Thus they only who are enlightened comprehend the Word. The Lord enables those who are enlightened to understand truths, and to discern those things which appear to contradict each other. The Word in its literal sense appears inconsistent, and in some places seems to contradict itself. And therefore by those who are not enlightened, it may be so explained and applied, as to confirm any opinion or heresy, and to defend any worldly and corporeal love. They are enlightened from the Word, who read it from the love of truth and good, but not they who read it from the love of fame, of gain, or of honour, thus from the love of self. They are enlightened who are in the good of life, and thereby in the affection of truth. They are enlightened whose internal is open, thus who as to their internal man are capable of elevation into the light of heaven. Enlightenment is an actual opening of the interiors of the mind, and also an elevation into the light of heaven. There is an influx of holiness from the internal, that is, from the Lord through the internal, with those who regard the Word as holy, though they themselves are ignorant of it. They are enlightened, and see truths in the Word, who are led by the Lord, but not they who are led by themselves. They are led by the Lord, who love truth because it is truth, who also are they that love to live according to Divine truths. The Word is vivified with man according to the life of his love and faith. The things derived from one’s own intelligence have no life in themselves, because from man’s proprium there is nothing good. They cannot be enlightened who have much confirmed themselves in false doctrine.    Emanuel Swedenborg

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

IX Pensive - Gedankenvoll

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. (1Thes 5, 21)
…a remark made by Paul in one of his letters, which has very much influenced my present thinking.
As mentioned previously in my Blog, I read a lot these days, especially literature with regards to religious matters because I still have so many questions and doubts as to what to believe and what not. It can be very daunting, with the amount of religious writings on offer where everyone claims to have the answers and only their way is the right way. Many a false prophets have walked the earth and I suppose this will continue for as long as man keeps on walking, often blind and ignorant.
Like I said, I have recently given much time to the New-Revelations and to the people who felt compelled to write such things. I was torn and confused over many things but the final guidance came to me directly from the Bible. One simple remark and yet so true: ‘Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.’
To me this means, ‘Take everything with a pinch of salt and hold on to what is good’. Good things manifest themselves in each and everyone of us. We all know what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’, if nothing else, our conscience tells us immediately. If something doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably wrong (bad). But to know good from bad, one has to know and examine both and learn from them.
The New-Revelations have certainly made me think about spiritual matters in depth and I found many answers, although some things may appear questionable, but who am I to criticise. Above all, they have aroused my attention and hunger for more, deeper, spiritual thinking and meditation.
Pruefet alles und behaltet das Gute. (Tes.5,21)
…eine Bemerkung des Paulus in einem seiner Briefe, welche meinen ganzen, heutigen Gedankengang beeinflusst hat.
Wie ich schon in meinem vorigen Blog erwaehnte, lese ich zur Zeit sehr viel, besonders aber Lektuere in Bezug auf religioese Dinge, weil ich immernoch so viele Fragen und Zweifel habe, in dem was ich glauben soll oder nicht. Es kann sehr verwirrend sein, wenn man die Fuelle der angebotenen religioesen Schriften betrachtet, wo ein Jeder meint, er habe die Antworten und nur seine Einstellung ist die Richtige.
Viele falsche Propheten wanderten auf diese Erde und ich nehme an, dass das auch zukuenftig so sein wird, solange der Mensch weiter seines Weges geht, oft noch blind und unwissend.
Wie gesagt, habe ich mich in letzter Zeit den Neu-Offenbarungen gewidmet und auch den Schreibern, die sich verpflichtet fuehlten, all diese Dinge niederzuschreiben.
Ich war hin- und her gerissen von so vielen Dingen, aber letztendlich kam der wesentliche Lehrsatz direkt aus der Bibel selbst. Ein einfacher Ausdruck: ‘Pruefet alles und behaltet das Gute.’
Fuer mich persoenlich heisst das: ‘Fuege allem eine kleine Prise Salz hinzu, und bewahre das Gute.’
Gute Dinge offenbaren sich in Einem und Jedem von uns. Wir wissen alle was ‘gut’ und was ‘boese’ ist, zumal unser Gewissen es uns sofort eroertert. Wenn uns etwas nicht 'richtig’ erscheint, dann ist es mit Bestimmtheit falsch, (schlecht oder boese). Aber um Gutes und Boeses zu unterscheiden, muss man beides kennen und pruefen, um von beiden zu lernen.
Die Neu-Offenbarungen haben mich mit Sicherheit mehr zum tieferen, geistigen Denken angeregt und ich fand viele Antworten, obwohl Einiges mir denkwuerdig erscheint, aber wer bin ich, Kritik zu ueben? Alles in allem haben sie meine Aufmerksamkeit und meinen Hunger fuer mehr und tieferes, geistiges Denken und Meditieren angespornt.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Without TV

Since our 3 year old TV set broke down earlier this year, we have decided not to invest in a new one and practice life without the constant drone of the news channels and advertising campaigns, filling our brains from early morning until deep in the night. I must admit, a TV set does have an off switch button, but why do we never operate it?


We have invested in a new laptop instead, so both of us can have our own space and watch and work as we please. Life without a TV is fantastic! I really don’t miss the ‘box’.

I am no longer bound to the arm chair and have prepared a little corner in the dining room, which serves me as a little office and I am very happy here. TV programmes don’t interest me at all any longer but I do watch the daily news bulletin, just to keep up with what’s happening in the world. I love my new space in the kitchen and it’s right next to my Cappuccino machine, which is just wonderful.


My work in the morning starts very early but I usually finish by lunch time, which leaves me then, with time to take the dogs for their daily walks. Walking the dogs must be the highlight of my day and I wouldn’t miss it for the world, come rain or shine.




Reading has taken over from Television and I can honestly say, it makes for a much more fulfilled life. My mind is clear when I delve into the depth of a good book and time just seems to fly by, even on a long bus or train journey. Learning a new language is currently my main past time and I thoroughly enjoy it. Sometimes I wished the days were longer because I can’t fit it all in, so much to do and so much to see, realizing the times I used to waste, glued to a TV set. What a waste, but that’s just me. Life without X Factor, mind numbing repeats of the same mindless soap operas and constant persuasion to spend your hard earned cash…really, life is bliss without it.

Now for nice cup of hot, strong, black coffee and my evening is complete:


Monday, October 4, 2010

The Bible and New-Revelations

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The Bible is the most important book in my life and no other book compares to it. Everything is about truth, where it should be said, that the Bible shouldn't be understood literally but with a certain spiritual understanding. To give me a little insight, I have turned to reading some of the New-Revelations, namely the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, Jakob Lorber, Bertha Dudde and Gottfried Meyerhofer, to name but a few. They all give explanations into the true meaning of the verses and prophesies, where Emanuel Swedenborg should be rated the most influential. His works range from Science to Philosophy, Astronomy to Religion and numerous other subjects, a true genius of his time.

Banshee II

Banshee II
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When Banshee came to us as an 8 week old puppy nearly 3 years ago, we weren't sure how Odin would react to this new addition to the family but we found that he was absolutely wonderful with her. He took care of her with the most loving kindness, if that can be said about a dog. Until this day, Odin and Banshee are inseparable. They both have their individual characters and behave very differently in many aspects. Odin is very affectionate and gets up to mischief, while Banshee is very quiet but also very loving, in her own little way.
Banshee is only small in size and seems to appear still like a juvenile, even though she is fully mature. Her breeder specializes in in these characteristics in this line of Siberian Husky and Banshee's sisters are very successful show-dogs.