Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inspirational Poetry

In 2004 I had reached a critical point in my life, major changes and battling with re-occurring illness which let me find rescue in spiritual things. The inspiration for these poems came to me out of nowhere and I just wrote what entered my mind at the time, hence the following two poems were merely a modest part of the things I wrote in my time of desperation.

My first poem, ‘The Word of God’ describes my outrage at a comment I heard on the news at the time, stating that the Bible should be re-interpreted and translated for modern times, as if ‘The Word of God’ which is the Bible, wasn’t written for all eternity. Do not meddle with the Bible!

My second poem, ‘Ruin and Rise’ is merely a small reflection over time in history, from the ‘Creation’ right through to the ‘Resurrection’.


The Word of God


The Word of God composed in Truth

Given to us engraved in wood


Passed onto paper, papyrus as such

Printed and bound in the Holy Book compact


Unchanged in it’s meaning, translated to us

By many of linguists, not experts as much


Great care to be taken, not to alter the Word of God

Not to read just interpretation for their own selfish blood


For the Word of God is Truth itself

As for human alterations, we are to lies compelled


The sheer impertinence of this blasphemous act

To suggest that The Lord himself did not know what is fact


How dare we show such arrogance to the Devine?

When Jesus himself carried the cross and bore the pain


The Holy Bible itself is the Word of God

Truth therefore written and confirmed by our Lord





Ruin and Rise


The Lord came

And created the Earth

Humans by name

Unique in their worth


The Explorers came

And raped the Land

The people tamed

Into slavery banned


The Crusaders came

In the name of the cross

Massacres claimed

In the name of their gods


The Illnesses came

And covered all lands

The world in it’s frame

Destructed by our hands


The Witnesses came

Taking note of the perish

Only Angles in veils

Can hide in the blemish


The Saviour came

With Revelation upheld

We all know his name

To his mercy compelled


The Moment will come

When daylight will fade

And Jesus the one

All Heavens will raise

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