Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tree for ID please…!

Whilst I was walking through the village and visiting our local park, I noticed a very unusual and exotic looking tree, in the far corner. It is growing next to a little stream and has been in flower for quite some time. The beautiful pink flowers turned into green pods over time and at my last visit I saw, to my disappointment, that most of the pods had dropped to the ground.

Since I first spotted this tree and became mesmerized with it’s beautiful flowers and foliage, I have been trying to find out what type of tree it is and where it might have originated from, but so far with no success.
The tree is growing by a little stream, in a shady spot at the end of the park,  so I assume it likes moisture and shade, as well as the local climate. Palm trees and other exotic plants, seem to like it here in Wales, as I have noticed many species of tropical plants, thriving in surrounding gardens and parks. We enjoy what is called a ‘Micro-Climate’ in these parts, very mild winters and warm to moderate summers.


The stunning pink flowers have now evolved into rich, green pods which appear to be laden with seed. Unfortunately, most of the pods have dropped off the tree but I was very lucky to have found a couple on the ground, just under the tree. I will dry the pods and plant the seeds, just to see, if I can grow this tree at home. Meanwhile my quest for it’s identity will continue and if anyone has any information on the identity or origin of this tree, I would be very grateful to hear from him/her.

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