Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Fair in Penmaenmawr

The Summer Fair, or ‘Big Beach Bash’ as it is also called, took place in Penmaenmawr last weekend,  on Sunday 8th August. I was completely unaware until I heard the noise and commotion whilst I was walking down the road. In the town centre, under the veranda, were stalls with homemade goods and souvenirs on sale, while a fishmonger and butcher had parked up further down the road, attracting passing trade. I did notice the homemade jams, which looked absolutely delicious and if I hadn’t have been in such a rush, I would have had a closer look.

My aim was to get down to the beach, where all the noise, music and chanting seemed to come from.

As I got to the promenade, I was greeted by a crowd of people, watching a dance performance by several groups of local girls, merrily waving their pompoms in the air.

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It was a colourful and energetic performance, very much enjoyed by all the spectators.


                                                                                   I did notice a panel of judges and was wondering, whether all the performing groups were actually competing. In my view, they were all pretty good and delivered an outstanding show, delighting the crowds.


Further down the promenade were various stalls and merry-go-rounds where visitors and locals alike, took joy in fun and games as well as rides.

As I walked along, my eyes were drawn to the beach and I spotted to my surprise…donkeys! Fantastic! My favourite seaside attraction…lovely animals!

100E4655 They seemed immensely content in their work, while they gave so much joy to all the children, lucky enough to hitch a ride along the beach. The weather held out and the whole promenade was alive with smiling, happy faces, young and old.




The merry-go-rounds just started to get busy as the crowds poured in from near and far.

The streets of Penmaenmawr were lined with parked cars, all the way down to the station, from where an underpass leads to the beach and to the fair. I don’t think I have ever seen this little town so busy and vibrant.



As the day drew near, it was time for me to leave and head back home, with the fond memory of a beautiful day in Penmaenmawr.

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