Thursday, August 12, 2010

X Inspirational Poetry




Veiled in dust, their faces faint

with soot, the precious figure claimed;

It can’t defend the ground it thrones

no soothing words from lips of gold;

An empty shell, they choose to praise

to imitate the loveless gaze;

Where is your power, you wooden pack

compassion and wisdom, you surely lack;

Your image airbrushed, framed on the wall

the masses bow, you fooled them all;

Deceitful you pretend to care

for no one knows, your real affair;

In cinders, you were sent to hell

from time to time to return and repel;

I have no place for such in my life

my heart is taken, to Heaven we strive





A Carpet of Petals


A gentle breeze, so softly flows

to bring with it, what has been sowed;

From trees and grasses, flowers too

in spring the petals, after bloom;

Drift with the wind, across the land

to where he guides His gracious hand;

They reach the ground and settle in

to form a carpet, made so thin;

I walk across in pure amazement

what’s laid before me, in it’s placement;

In time it will but disappear

for which we long another year;

And so the cycle is complete

the carpet forms again indeed





A Prayer


I pray for you and me today

for all the things I cannot say;

So in the dark, I lay awake

to you, my Lord, I did so spake;

And in the silence of my room

you come to me, under the moon;

I think of you in all my deeds

you are the One, who tends my needs;

In all our hearts, you take your place

and lift us with your tender grace;

Confirm our love for you so true

for everyone who never knew;

So guide us now forever more

you are the son, the virgin bore;

And be with us until the end

share all the Love, that you have sent



  1. these are lovely...i was reading the first one thinking what does this have to do with is nicely done though...and the second surely carptures it...i want to walk barefoot across that carpet...

  2. :) when God is involved...I feeled blessed...I felt like the prayer was for myself, the person next door and the people all over the world. Wonderful... [Amen, in conclusion to "A Prayer"]

  3. there are so many well written poems here...thanks for sharing..pete

  4. Your second poem and photo are utterly gorgeous. Mine is less serious, but completely telling of my yesterday afternoon.

  5. Thank you Brian, PoetriNMo'shun, Pete and Kim for your very encouraging comments. I appreciate your feedback grately, by which you have given me new enthusiasm to continue writing poetry....thank you so much.
    Kind regards,

  6. cool imagery..

    please share one piece with poets rally today, thanks.