Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inspirational Poetry – Third Poem

My third poem describes ‘The Wrath of God’, as it was originally titled. It was written at about the same time in 2004, when I had been blessed with a special kind of inspiration. Nowadays I feel inspired by the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, which help and guide me to understand ‘The Word’ – ‘The Truth’, meaning ‘The Bible’ being the most beautiful book I have ever read.  (You might notice that I have re-published this particular poem)



The Warning

Your page is marked , in the great book of life

The wrath of the almighty, will hit with a strike

His perpetual forgiveness, will come to an end

As the truth will be known, in every sense

No more blinding, by protection of secrets and lies

The veil will fall, from everybody's eyes

Petrified, by the true vision of individual souls

The grimace of evil, of your mother unfolds

In utter solitude, we sense sheer desperation

When no one gives a damn, about your salvation

The temple of doom, in the universe will be known

As planet earth is branded, with the name of 'New Babylon'

Many of warnings, were given a lifetime ago

Ignorance of the grand sensation, will not save your foe

Total destruction, for the evils of our world foretold

Every soul has a name, eternally marked in the scriptures of old

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