Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tree Flower and Pod of Crinodendron hookerianum

With thanks to the Tree Advice Trust Uk, I have finally been able to identify this beautiful tree as Crinodendron hookerianum, a native tree to the wet lands of Chile, but nevertheless growing quite happily here in Wales, in a small park, right beside a little stream.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Valley - Llandudno XIX

This little oasis in the midst of Llandudno could be referred to as an 'open secret' , as the most peaceful and tranquil place to visit, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy shopping streets and promenade. On a beautiful day like today, I enjoyed the fantastic scenery and the picturesque flower beds, embedded amongst the rock gardens. From these green, gently descending slopes, it is almost an invitation to experience spiritual thinking and meditation within this most wonderful surrounding. A very special place to be...

The Austrian Restaurant in Dwygyfylchi

Following the trail of the most scenic, Sychnant Pass from Penmaenmawr past Dwygyfylchi towards Conwy, you will come past 'The Fairy Glen' and 'The Austrian Restaurant', right beside it, both of which enjoy enormous popularity with travellers from near and far. Situated at the foot of this route, The Austrian Restaurant offers, 'wholesome traditional food' , also described as 'gut buergerliche Kueche' and has been recommended to me by several relatives and friends, although I have not had the opportunity to visit as yet. Advanced Bookings are advisable as this very traditional restaurant can be extremely busy, especially on occasions such as Christmas, Bank Holidays, etc.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deganwy Beach I

Deganwy Beach I
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Deganwy is a small town in North Wales, situated between Conwy and Llandudno, which on first glance seems quite nondescript but if you stroll along the beach and the sideroads, away from the main street, you discover a very charming, quaint little town. I could not find any major buildings or sites to report about but for a leisurely walk on a sunny summer's afternoon, it certainly made my little excusion most enjoyable as I followed the road all the way to Llandudno Golf Courses, taking numerous photographs all along the way.

A Star Photograph

As so many nights, I was left with the chores of the day and dinner had been late once again, so I was clearing the dishes and emptying the water bucket, just before locking the backdoor when my eyes took a glance at the beautiful sky up above. It was a clear night and it has been a long while since I have seen the stars so numerous.

I was immediately drawn to one particular star, which shone the brightest of them all and I quickly got my camera. I didn’t really bother about the settings but I wished I had taken more care in preparing the ISO.

At first I was unable to focus at all but eventually I did mange to pin point the far away light and pressed the shutter button….and this image is the result, after cropping.


It was quite difficult to focus once I had zoomed in, as the object seemed to move sporadically and all I could manage to capture were little flashes of light. The stars always appeared stationary to me but last night I came to the conclusion, that they must be in constant movement, and it is only because of the vast distance that we perceive them as still images in the sky, but I am not sure about that. But it certainly seemed like this particular star was moving fast and furious as observed through my camera lens.



Sometimes I really wished I had a telescope. As it is, my camera is fairly basic and leaves me unable to zoom-in close on far distance objects, without distorting the image.

I am hoping for another clear night tonight, just to try and get a better shot whilst using the right settings, as it was all a bit unprepared last night.




I know these pictures do not resemble any type of star, rather more like random flashes of light. Nevertheless, I am quite excited about these pictures and all being well, I might get another chance of capturing hopefully better images tonight.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Llandudno Golf Course II

Llandudno Golf Course II
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The day started pretty dull and gloomy but nevertheless, I had set my mind on going on a little venture and luckily, as the day progressed it became brighter and sunnier, in all, a beautiful day to be out. I took the route along the A55 into Conwy and from here on I headed for Deganwy, a picturesque little, welsh town. As I strolled along whilst taking photographs, it occured to me to walk the 1 1/2 miles to Llandudno on a beautiful summer's day like today. I have travelled along this road many times, but I have never actually walked it all the way. The road leads adjacent to the beautifully kept Golf Courses on the outskirts of Llandudno and the views over the bordering hedges were truly stunning, with the green of the Golf Courses and the blue sea and sky, as well as the tip of Llandudno's Great Orme in the background. To my amazement I suddenly noticed a train running right through the middle of the Golf Course, which looked kind of bizaar, nearly 'Legoland' like, not to say even surreal.

View over Dwygyfylchi at the foot of the Snowdonian Mountains

Strolling along the foothills of Snowdonia, I came across this charming Hamlet, where the mountains and the sea form the most spectacular vision of a rural idyll. The area is very popular with walkers, hikers and tourists alike, taking advantage of the various camp sites and caravan parks in the surrounding countryside. Although Dwygyfylchi is situated right next to the A55, you wouldn't know that this fast track road runs right past the village. From here, a country road leads right to the top of the Snowdonian Mountains, where the ancient monument, 'The Druid Circle' attracts many visitors to these parts. Once you get to the top, the road leads into a path on the summit, restricted to non-vehicular traffic. I was mesmerized by the calm and quiet I experienced on the top of the mountain...the best place to come and escape the hustle and bustle of the streets below, in fact, the most peaceful place I have ever visited.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Fair in Penmaenmawr

The Summer Fair, or ‘Big Beach Bash’ as it is also called, took place in Penmaenmawr last weekend,  on Sunday 8th August. I was completely unaware until I heard the noise and commotion whilst I was walking down the road. In the town centre, under the veranda, were stalls with homemade goods and souvenirs on sale, while a fishmonger and butcher had parked up further down the road, attracting passing trade. I did notice the homemade jams, which looked absolutely delicious and if I hadn’t have been in such a rush, I would have had a closer look.

My aim was to get down to the beach, where all the noise, music and chanting seemed to come from.

As I got to the promenade, I was greeted by a crowd of people, watching a dance performance by several groups of local girls, merrily waving their pompoms in the air.

 100_4654 100E4659

It was a colourful and energetic performance, very much enjoyed by all the spectators.


                                                                                   I did notice a panel of judges and was wondering, whether all the performing groups were actually competing. In my view, they were all pretty good and delivered an outstanding show, delighting the crowds.


Further down the promenade were various stalls and merry-go-rounds where visitors and locals alike, took joy in fun and games as well as rides.

As I walked along, my eyes were drawn to the beach and I spotted to my surprise…donkeys! Fantastic! My favourite seaside attraction…lovely animals!

100E4655 They seemed immensely content in their work, while they gave so much joy to all the children, lucky enough to hitch a ride along the beach. The weather held out and the whole promenade was alive with smiling, happy faces, young and old.




The merry-go-rounds just started to get busy as the crowds poured in from near and far.

The streets of Penmaenmawr were lined with parked cars, all the way down to the station, from where an underpass leads to the beach and to the fair. I don’t think I have ever seen this little town so busy and vibrant.



As the day drew near, it was time for me to leave and head back home, with the fond memory of a beautiful day in Penmaenmawr.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caernarfon Castle X

Caernarfon Castle X
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The Castle at Caernarfon stands majestically above the skyline, as you approach Market Square. I had spent a day sightseeing in this lovely North Wales Town and fortunately the weather held out until the late afternoon, when I eventually made my way home on the bus, along the A55 coastal route. The views of this welsh landscape are just specatacular, overlooking the sea to the left and the Snowdonian Mountains to the right, all the way.

XIII Inspirational Poetry


A Father’s Love


Love so true, a father gives

his children are, forever his.

From cradle, into adulthood

gives shelter, in the deepest flood.

His arm, embraces you so tender

for love so true, will always render.

Compassion, in his loving eyes

Forgiveness, from the heart inside.

The strictest measure, he will place

conduct his home, with all his grace.

Respect his person, dearest child

Your father always, by your side.



XII. Inspirational Poetry





So tender and numerous, you cover the land

the slightest breeze indeed, your seeds will send;

across the earth, you dance away

drift in the wind, you gently sway;

to find another, place to rest

and germinate, in grasses nest;

more precious, you will re-appear

for you we wait, another year






Your Servants


A life committed to you my Lord

for you, they’ll always draw the sword;

with faithful words, the Gospels tell

what in their hearts, you let them dwell;

They march the streets, amongst the nations

and happily proclaim, of your salvation;

Day in, day out, they dust their coats

to gladly walk, along the roads;

They gather your sheep, as you desire

with all the winds, they carry the fire;

Your light will shine, from near and far

an end to bring, to the Holy War;

Now peace on earth, we all enjoy

The Word announced, no more to destroy






The Light


So bright a light, I cannot see

the warmth it sends, across to me;

I feel the heat, it is quite soothing

for in the light, no shadows looming;

is this to be, the place of rest?

no kin to follow me, in this quest;

this is the home, that I desired

I long to be, by You required;

forever, in the light to walk

to soak within, like flower and stalk;

and bloom so sweet, for eternity

the life I lost, was granted me


XI Inspirational Poetry




Ich muehe mich ab, und plage mich taeglich,

zu Deiner Ehre, halt’ ich mich redlich;

Ich stehe auf, des Morgens ganz frueh,

und schenke des Tages, Dir meine Mueh’;

Ich schreibe und denke, an Dich Tag fuer Tag,

die Frucht meines Glaubens, sich in Dir verbarg;

Ich hoerte die Stimme, die Du mir gesandt,

so handle ich taeglich, mit frischem Verstand;

Ich spuere die Naehe Deines maechtigen Blickes,

von meinen Gedanken, Du nichts vernichtest;

Ich bin mir sicher, Du stehst mir zur Seite,

wodurch meine Arbeit, Dir Freude bereite





VIII. Pensive – Gedankenvoll




Meine Schuld! – Deine Schuld! – Wessen Schuld?


Du bist nur fuer Dich selbst verantwortlich. Betrachte das ‘Innere’ Selbst und folge dem ‘Wort’.

Uebernehme Verantwortung fuer Deine Taten, gut oder boese – schiebe keinem Anderen Deine Schuld zu. Zeige Dich in Ehrlichkeit! Du wirst Deinen Lohn erhalten und ernten, entsprechend dem, was Du gesaaet hast.






My Fault! – Your Fault! – Whose Fault?


You are only responsible for your own self. View the ‘Inner’ Self and follow the ‘Word’.


Take responsibility for your actions, good or bad – do not blame anyone else for your faults. Show yourself in honesty! You will receive your earnings and harvest, according to what you have sown.




IX. Enlightening Thoughts


1. Das Geschenk des Herrn ist ‘Leben’. Nichts ist kostbarer als das Ewige Leben – ein Geschenk des Himmels!(german)

The gift from the Lord is ‘Life’. Nothing is more valuable than Eternal Life – a gift from Heaven! (english)


2. Wo es Liebe gibt, gibt es Leben! – doch, wo es Leben gibt, gibt es nicht unbedingt auch Liebe! (german)

Where there is love, there is life! – but, where there is life, there is not necessarily love also! (english)


3. Deine Schuld, ist Deine Schuld – meine Schuld, ist meine Schuld = so spricht die Verantwortung! (german)

Your Fault, is your Fault – my Fault, is my Fault = so speaks responsibility! (english)


X Inspirational Poetry




Veiled in dust, their faces faint

with soot, the precious figure claimed;

It can’t defend the ground it thrones

no soothing words from lips of gold;

An empty shell, they choose to praise

to imitate the loveless gaze;

Where is your power, you wooden pack

compassion and wisdom, you surely lack;

Your image airbrushed, framed on the wall

the masses bow, you fooled them all;

Deceitful you pretend to care

for no one knows, your real affair;

In cinders, you were sent to hell

from time to time to return and repel;

I have no place for such in my life

my heart is taken, to Heaven we strive





A Carpet of Petals


A gentle breeze, so softly flows

to bring with it, what has been sowed;

From trees and grasses, flowers too

in spring the petals, after bloom;

Drift with the wind, across the land

to where he guides His gracious hand;

They reach the ground and settle in

to form a carpet, made so thin;

I walk across in pure amazement

what’s laid before me, in it’s placement;

In time it will but disappear

for which we long another year;

And so the cycle is complete

the carpet forms again indeed





A Prayer


I pray for you and me today

for all the things I cannot say;

So in the dark, I lay awake

to you, my Lord, I did so spake;

And in the silence of my room

you come to me, under the moon;

I think of you in all my deeds

you are the One, who tends my needs;

In all our hearts, you take your place

and lift us with your tender grace;

Confirm our love for you so true

for everyone who never knew;

So guide us now forever more

you are the son, the virgin bore;

And be with us until the end

share all the Love, that you have sent


IX Inspirational Poetry




Your walls stand proudly, the city surround,

Erect in Truth and Faith!

Your saints are gathered, inward bound,

In Freedom, not Enslaved!

No Man could ever build a place, worthy of the Lord,

For he himself is Great!

For everything a man has made, defended by the sword,

Delivered by his fate!

I see a vision of your Divine, home is near to me,

Still waiting by the gate!

Your holy presence in my mind, with all that I can be,

My spirit in your state!

Heavenly glory and riches of all, in your heart contained,

We long to meet you there!

The promise of eternity, by you it was proclaimed,

With all humility I can bear!

-Welcome to Jerusalem!-

Enter all you nations, the Truth will be revealed

Take upon your heavenly stations, never to be deceived;

The holy city once again, in glory stands so proud

For all the people of the world, this place was lost and found;

Re-built in Heaven, for Eternity last,

as you love, and choose your path;

Heaven will open and welcome you in,

enter the city by the name of Jerusalem



VIII. Inspirational Poetry


Step – Children


They run around, they dance and kick

step by step, the slippers fit;

They sweat and smell, and never rest

on every path, they do their best;

I wash them, when the evening comes

so cold and fresh, the water runs;

with gentleness, I cut their toes

with cream and oil, I rub their soles;

Sent to bed, all clean and dry

at night to rest, they close their eyes;

Tomorrow, when the sun ascends

their endless task, anew begins;

Do not neglect, your legs and feet

For in your life, they can’t be beat


My Feet








Zum Gedenken – In Memory


Heute ist ein schoener Tag, denn ich weiss, dass Du mich siehst

Ich gehe auf dem rechten Pfad, bestaetigend, dass Du mich liebst;

I think of you, with all my heart

today the day, that you depart;

I long to see you once again

for in my mind, you kept within;

Ein Lebenlang, mit Dir beiseite

das Abendmahl, fuer Dich bereite;

Die Freude meines Herzens ist,

dass Du im ewigen Leben bist;

I look around me all the time,

and feel your presence of Divine

(with mingled tongue-mit vermischter Zunge)









Die Hungersnot, in Deinen Augen,

mit Worten, die Dir nicht viel taugen;

Dein kleiner Koerper, ist so mager,

nun schlaegst Du auf, des Elends’ Lager;

Wo ist das Wort, das mich ernaehrt?

mit Flut und Glut, es von mir faehrt;

Die eig’nen Kinder hast Du verspeist,

die Gier in Dir, doch niemand preist;

Du hast gelebt, in Saus und Braus

der Herr verlangt nach Deinem Schmaus;

In Schande sollst Du untergeh’n

das ewige Leben niemals seh’n;

Verrat! Verrat! so sprach der Herr

dein Platz im Himmel bleibt nun leer;

Bitte; Bitte; gib mir Kraft

dein Wort es ist, mein troster Saft;

So gib mir Nahrung in diesen Tagen,

dass ich kann mich, an Dir erlaben;

Nun hab’ ich Brot, es geht mir gut

ich dank’ dem Herrn, wie wohl es tut





VII Inspirational Poetry




I shed my tears for you today – the story told, no one can say

For it was written before your time – to betray the Lord, just for a dime

Filled with sorrow in the end – the lives you took will never fend

If mercy will be granted you – is doubtful, known to but a few

You took no pleasure from the silver – and killed yourself with quite a shiver

Let no one judge you for this curse – a life so short, in vain you terse

For you were chosen in the end – and to his word, you must commend

The Lord will know why you were picked – forever known for the things you did

May God forgive you one day soon – and leave you not, in eternal doom

Your name is marked for eternity – for it has always been, your destiny

For once you were a brother ‘dear’ – repent and pray, let the Lord be near

VII. Pensive - Gedankenvoll


Atheist oder Christ


Wenn ich als Atheist, an nichts glaube, so geschieht mir auch nichts, nach meinem Tode – ich bin dann einfach nur ‘weg’, ins Nichts.

Wenn ich aber als Christ glaube, so glaube ich an Gott, die himmlischen Gewalten, an das Heil, an Jesus Christus, an die Auferstehung, an die Liebe, Hoffnung, Treue, Weisheit, und an alles Goettliche, auf das ich nach meinem Ende hier auf Erden, hoffen darf.

Die Herrlichkeit des Ewigen Lebens – darauf zu hoffen, ist was es heisst, Christ zu sein!





Atheist or Christian


If, as an Atheist, I don’t believe in anything, then nothing will happen to me after death. I will just be ‘gone’, into Nothing.

But if I believe as a Christian, I believe in God, the Divine Power, the Messiah, in Jesus Christ, in the resurrection, in Love, Hope, Loyalty, Wisdom and in all Divinity, of which I may hope, whilst I am still here on earth.

The Glory of Eternal Life – to hope for this, is what it means to be a Christian!


VI. Inspirational Poetry




Sorrow for the one who betrayed,

for when he drew his fatal blade;

Sorrow also for the nations,

never to know the true salvation,

Sorrow in the deepest hell,

under which the darkness fell;

Sorrow for the evening sun,

until the morning dew will come;

Sorrow for my mother ‘dear’,

for all her days have drawn so near;

Sorrow for our liberty,

until we loose the chastity;

Sorrow deep, for all the souls,

that linger in the Hades’ moulds



V. Inspirational Poetry


The Call


Oh Wonder! Oh Wonder! – for this day I ponder!

Relief! Relief! – will give me no grief!

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! – can’t take all the joy!

Permit! Permit! – for heaven forbid!

Oh Dear! Oh Dear! – gone has all the fear!

Forlorn! Forlorn! – there is a new dawn!

Oh Lord! Oh Lord! – so can it be taught!

Believe! Believe! – until we receive!

Oh My! Oh My! – I’d like to be thy!

Take heed! Take Heed! – we’re coming in peace!

VIII. Enlightening Thoughts-Erleuchtende Gedanken


1. Er hat seinen Erstgeborenen geschickt, weil er schon war, bevor er kam. (german)

He sent his Firstborn, as he was, before he came. (english)


2. Warum soll ich es den Geiern in den Rachen werfen? – Gebt eure Almosen ‘direkt’ denen, die es benoetigen. (german)

Why should I throw it into the throat of the vultures? – Give alms ‘directly’ to the ones in need. (english)


3. Wenn einer behaupted Dich zu kennen, glaube ihm nicht! (german)

When someone insists to know you, do not believe him! (english)


4. Erkenne den Himmlischen, denn die Person ist nur ein Werkzeug; sie dient der Verstaendigung.(german)

Recognize the Divine, for the person is merely a tool; it serves the understanding. (english)


5. Er wird sie suchen, doch sie war bereits die ganze Zeit bei ihm.  (german)

He will search for her, but she was already with him, all this time.  (english)


6. Erkenne Deine Grenzen, ueberschreite sie nicht!  (german)

Know your limits, do not cross the mark!  (english)


7. Das, was ist, ist so wie es ist, weil es ist wie es ist, weil Gott es so will. (german)

That, which is, is how it is, because it is how it is, because God wills it that way. (english)



VI. Pensive – Gedankenvoll


Die Person

Sie ist ein Werkzeug, wie jedes andere. Sie bemerkt es nicht einmal. Nach getaner Arbeit, geht sie weiter freudig ihres Laufes, ohne es sich bewusst zu sein. Erkenne jede Person als Werkzeug Gottes.




The Person

She is a tool, like everything else. She doesn’t even realize it. After the work is done, she will gladly be on her way, without even acknowledging. Recognize every person as a tool of God.


IV. Inspirational Poetry



Was lange haelt, wird endlich gut

so wie es auch, der Samen tut;

Er spriesst hervor, wie aus dem Ei

Die Zelle teilt sich, gleich entzwei;

Es spriesst und waechst, der kleine Spross

entwickelt sich, durch Jahre noch;

Ob Baum, ob Mann, so tritt er vor

er waechst und blueht, gedeiht zuvor;

So nimmt das Leben, seinen Lauf

Die Frucht der Jahre, bis zum Kauf;

Dann wird er alt, und gruent nicht mehr

in voller Reife, vergraut er sehr;

Er freut sich auf, das Ende nun

ein Leben lang, von seinem Tun;

So kommt der Herr, zu seinem Glueck

und bringt ihn, in sein Reich zurueck;

Der Anfang, und das Ende immerdar

So ist das Leben,  wunderbar;

Von Gott erhaelt er, seinen Dank;

so lebt er ewig, im neuen Land






Nag Hammadi

A village in Egypt, so far away

old scriptures were found, or so they say;

Intrigued by this, I ordered the book

just to be nosy, and have a look;

They say they were found, in an ancient vessel

twelve new books,  of old days they tell us;

Translated they were, for us to read

I would like to know, what the stories heed;

New Apocrypha, to the truth will add

the writings of old, in the book of trust;

Now I wait, for the postman to come

to deliver the books, to me as one





The Writing of Poems

I like to sit here, on my own

where I can write, my little poem;

The pen is sharp, the paper crisp

the words arrive, without a lisp;

Coffee pot, and tea bags ready

a choice of drink, will keep me steady;

And so I sit here, in my kitchen

thinking about, the next line itching;

I write it down, and read in wonder

what I have written, after ponder;

And so these poems, are created

for in my mind , so long awaited;

I write it down, for you to read

to share my thinking, without heed;

One might think, this is my creation

I Thank the Lord, for divine inspiration







The Shadow

He follows me always, hither and thither

in the light he will grow, never seeming to whither;

From North or South, from East or West

the sun will cast him, to direct;

Never alone, in the valleys I wonder

For beside me forever, my shadow will linger;

He knows me better, than any of you

for  e v e r y  step, he follows me true;

The clouds may gather, and light shall fade

my shadow with me, in darkness crave;

He disappears, just for a short while

for as light returns, again he’ll be mine







Oculus Domini

Das Auge des Herrn, es wacht ueber uns

Es sieht und es spricht, wie aus einem Mund;

No human compares, to the eye of the Lord

for nothing is hidden, in sight or in thought;

If German or English, whatever the tongue

never forget, that his work will be done;

Mit strengem Auge, ueberwacht er uns Alle

Keiner entkommt, seiner scharfen Kralle;

The eye - das Auge, es ueber uns steht

Ohne seinen Blick, kein Tag vergeht;

He closes his eyes, never on us

for following him, in truth we must;

Niemals schlaeft es, ohne Wacht

Bis zu dem Tag, – es ist vollbracht

( with mingled tongue – mit vermischter Zunge)

III. Inspirational Poetry


Die Musik

Musik erleichtert das Herz – und zugleich bringt sie auch, hervor den Schmerz

Was das Herz bewegt – in den Versen der Lieder sich regt

Die Toene durch Kunst – aneinandergereiht, mit dichterischer Gunst

Mit den Ohren vernehmen – wonach die Fuesse den freudigen Tanz begehen

Welch Freude zu hoeren – liebliche Lieder, die das Herz so oft begehren

Es tut sich schwer der Mensch – der nicht die preisenden Psalmen und Musikstuecke kennt





The Tool

A tool in the flesh, from God was made

Each one of us, from hammer to spade;

A human chosen, to do the work

And day by day, new entities lurk;

The person himself, a tool he is

For the work at hand, completed it;

Caught unaware, of labour and cost

Not a pinch of the spirit was ever lost;

Revealed to us, the secret of life

With grace from God, no one deprived;

Back in the shed, with hammer and spade

As another day dawns, new pastures are made



VII. Enlightening Thoughts-Erleuchtende Gedanken

1. Das Leben ist eine Ausbildung fuer das, was noch kommen wird. (german)

   Life is an apprenticeship for that, which is yet to come. (english)


2. Der Herr wacht ueber ‘Alle’ und ‘Alles’. Jederzeit! (german)

   The Lord watches over ‘Everyone’ and ‘Everything’. Always! (english)


3. Nimm niemals nichts als selbstverstaendlich an. (german)

   Never take anything for granted. (english)


4. Mit grossem Erwarten, warte ich auf den Boten. (german)

   With great anticipation, I am waiting for the messenger. (english)


5. Hoffe nicht auf eine Ueberraschung, denn die Enttaeuschung koennte Dich entmutigen. (german)

   Do not hope for surprises, for the disappointment could discourage you. (english)


6. Musik erfreut das Herz des Gluecklichen, so wie sie dem Trauerndem das Herz bricht. (german)

   Music brings joy to the heart of the joyful,  just as it breaks the heart of the sorrowful. (english)


7. Einsamkeit ist eine Freude, sowie auch ein Fluch. (german)

   Loneliness is a joy, as well as a curse. (english)


8. Nur den Tieren kann man vertrauen, denn man kann sie einschaetzen; – nicht so den Menschen. (german)

   Only animals can one trust, because they are predictable; – not so the human. (english)


9. Ein langes Leben auf Erden, garantiert nicht das ‘Ewige Leben’ im Himmel. (german)

   A long Life on Earth does not guarantee ‘Eternal Life’ in Heaven. (english)


10. Das Leben auf Erden vergeht, und all Deine Habe mit ihm. ‘Rette Deine Seele’! (german)

    Life on Earth perishes and with it, all that you have. ‘Save your Soul’! (english)


11. Was das Auge nicht zu sehen vermag, wird letztendlich aufgedeckt. (german)

     What the eye is unable to see, will eventually be uncovered. (english)





V. Pensive-Gedankenvoll


Das Leben

Was ist das Leben? Unser Dasein auf Erden, aber auch die Hoffnung auf das ‘Ewige Leben’.

Wenn Du diese Erde verlaesst, kannst Du nichts mitnehmen. Du gehst so, wie Du gekommen bist, nackt und bloss.

Dein ganzer Schatz bleibt hier zurueck, es sei denn Du hast Dir einen spirituellen Schatz erworben,

der Dich auch in Ewigkeit bereichert. Staerke Deinen Glauben und erkenne ‘Das Wort’.

Die Bibel ist der Schluessel zur Erkenntnis.







What is Life? Our Being on Earth, but also the hope for ‘Eternal Life’.

When you leave this Earth, you will not be able to take anything with you. You leave as you arrived,

naked and bare. All your Treasure will be left behind, unless you have gathered a spiritual Treasure,

which will also be of gain to you in Eternity. Strengthen you Faith and recognize ‘The Word’.

The Bible is the Key to Understanding.




VI. Enlightening Thoughts-Erleuchtende Gedanken


Und wenn ich auch weiter nichts schreibe, so habe ich doch wenigstens das geschrieben,

was ich geschrieben habe. (german)


And if I don’t write anything else, at the least, I wrote what I have written. (english)






IV. Pensive-Gedankenvoll



1. Was tut es gut an der Weisheit, wenn sie verborgen bleibt?

2.Warum bin ich so wichtig, da ich doch nur ein kleiner Wurm bin?

3. Wie hoch ist der Allerhoechste?

4. Was ist der Glaube, ohne das Herz und die Seele?

5. Warum wurden wir erschaffen, wenn nicht um Engel zu werden?

6. Wie weit reicht das Universum, jenseits unseres Fassungsvermoegens?

7. Warum ist die Frau, die Ursache aller Suenden?

8. Woher kommt die Liebe, und wo geht sie hin?

9. Was ist die Liebe, wenn nicht ‘Alles Gute’?

10. Warum habe ich ‘Das Wort’ erst jetzt erkannt?

11. Warum vergeht die Zeit wie im Fluge, und doch zoegert sie?

12. Warum ist ‘die Mitte’ immer im Zentrum?






1. What good is wisdom, when she stays hidden?

2. Why am I so important, for I am merely a little worm?

3. How mighty is the Almighty?

4. What is faith, without a heart and soul?

5. Why are we created, if not to become Angels?

6. How far reaches the Universe, beyond our comprehension?

7. Why is the woman, the cause of all sin?

8. Where does the Love come from, and where does she go?

9. What is Love, if not ‘All Good’?

10. Why have I recognized ‘The Word’ only now?

11. Why does ‘Time’ fly by, and yet linger?

12. Why is ‘the middle’ always in the centre?


V. Enlightening Thoughts-Erleuchtende Gedanken



1. Nimm das an, was Dir aus gutem Herzen angeboten wird.  (german)

   Accept that, which was offered to you from the goodness of the heart.  (english)


2. Verweigere nicht dem Kinde das Dich bittet. (Es tut mir so leid, dass ich gezoegert habe….) (german)

   Do not deny a pleading child. (I am so sorry I hesitated….) (english)


3. Ein Laecheln strahlt nicht unbedingt Gutes aus. Sehe Dich vor! – huete Dich vor dem falschen Laecheln. (german)

   A smile does not necessarily shine through goodness. Watch your back! – beware of the false smile. (english)


4. Geduldig ist der, der warten kann. Belohnung wird sich ergeben.

   Patient is he, who can wait. Reward will loom.


5. Erwarte das Unerwartete. Jederzeit!

   Expect the unexpected. Always!


6. Sogar der Gang zum Laden, kann Fruechte tragen. (german)

   Even a stroll to the shop, can bear a crop. (english)



III. Pensive-Gedankenvoll



Weisheit ist ein Geschenk des Himmels, denn Gott bevorzugt nicht den Narren.

Weise ist, wer Weisheit sucht, und wer sie sucht, dem wird sie geschenkt. 




Wisdom is a present from heaven, for God does not favour the fool.

Wise is he, who is looking for wisdom, and he who looks for her, shall receive her as a gift.