Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Star Photograph

As so many nights, I was left with the chores of the day and dinner had been late once again, so I was clearing the dishes and emptying the water bucket, just before locking the backdoor when my eyes took a glance at the beautiful sky up above. It was a clear night and it has been a long while since I have seen the stars so numerous.

I was immediately drawn to one particular star, which shone the brightest of them all and I quickly got my camera. I didn’t really bother about the settings but I wished I had taken more care in preparing the ISO.

At first I was unable to focus at all but eventually I did mange to pin point the far away light and pressed the shutter button….and this image is the result, after cropping.


It was quite difficult to focus once I had zoomed in, as the object seemed to move sporadically and all I could manage to capture were little flashes of light. The stars always appeared stationary to me but last night I came to the conclusion, that they must be in constant movement, and it is only because of the vast distance that we perceive them as still images in the sky, but I am not sure about that. But it certainly seemed like this particular star was moving fast and furious as observed through my camera lens.



Sometimes I really wished I had a telescope. As it is, my camera is fairly basic and leaves me unable to zoom-in close on far distance objects, without distorting the image.

I am hoping for another clear night tonight, just to try and get a better shot whilst using the right settings, as it was all a bit unprepared last night.




I know these pictures do not resemble any type of star, rather more like random flashes of light. Nevertheless, I am quite excited about these pictures and all being well, I might get another chance of capturing hopefully better images tonight.

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