Tuesday, November 2, 2010

XIV Inspirational Poetry


The Word


For written or spoken, in tongue and in ink

the word for us, is a vital link.

From ABC to hieroglyphics and gestures

it holds within, revealing treasure.

The tongue, a tool for words to be spoken,

the ear to capture, the final token.

For written, that the eye can see and read,

the mind to perceive, both in their creed.

Truths and Lies, are passed on this way,

while paper and lips, are the passageway.

A book, then written with many a words,

expanding limitless, throughout the world.

We all communicate in mother tongue,

it’s been the same, since time began.

Knowledge and Wisdom by word and mouth,

once written down, eternally bound.

The book of life, within our souls retain,

the secrets uncovered and brought to fame.

A single book was called The Word,

the most important ever heard.

Linguistically, a major task,

globally, at our grasp  –  

The Word

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