Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Without TV

Since our 3 year old TV set broke down earlier this year, we have decided not to invest in a new one and practice life without the constant drone of the news channels and advertising campaigns, filling our brains from early morning until deep in the night. I must admit, a TV set does have an off switch button, but why do we never operate it?


We have invested in a new laptop instead, so both of us can have our own space and watch and work as we please. Life without a TV is fantastic! I really don’t miss the ‘box’.

I am no longer bound to the arm chair and have prepared a little corner in the dining room, which serves me as a little office and I am very happy here. TV programmes don’t interest me at all any longer but I do watch the daily news bulletin, just to keep up with what’s happening in the world. I love my new space in the kitchen and it’s right next to my Cappuccino machine, which is just wonderful.


My work in the morning starts very early but I usually finish by lunch time, which leaves me then, with time to take the dogs for their daily walks. Walking the dogs must be the highlight of my day and I wouldn’t miss it for the world, come rain or shine.




Reading has taken over from Television and I can honestly say, it makes for a much more fulfilled life. My mind is clear when I delve into the depth of a good book and time just seems to fly by, even on a long bus or train journey. Learning a new language is currently my main past time and I thoroughly enjoy it. Sometimes I wished the days were longer because I can’t fit it all in, so much to do and so much to see, realizing the times I used to waste, glued to a TV set. What a waste, but that’s just me. Life without X Factor, mind numbing repeats of the same mindless soap operas and constant persuasion to spend your hard earned cash…really, life is bliss without it.

Now for nice cup of hot, strong, black coffee and my evening is complete:


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  1. Good for you! It is so mind-expanding to eliminate old habits that do not really benefit our growth. Replacing the TV with a good book is a highly intelligent thing to do!