Monday, October 4, 2010

The Bible and New-Revelations

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The Bible is the most important book in my life and no other book compares to it. Everything is about truth, where it should be said, that the Bible shouldn't be understood literally but with a certain spiritual understanding. To give me a little insight, I have turned to reading some of the New-Revelations, namely the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, Jakob Lorber, Bertha Dudde and Gottfried Meyerhofer, to name but a few. They all give explanations into the true meaning of the verses and prophesies, where Emanuel Swedenborg should be rated the most influential. His works range from Science to Philosophy, Astronomy to Religion and numerous other subjects, a true genius of his time.


  1. Amen. The bible is such timeless truth. We keep repeating the lessons of the distant past. Revelations is full of the prophesy of doom and Hope. Thank you for your thoughts!

  2. Thank you for visting my Blog and for your kind comments, Clint. I read the Bible a lot and I often find, reading the same passages over again, I eventually understand a deeper meaning and seem to gain some form of enlightenment here and there. The Bible has given me a lot of strength in very difficult times.

  3. I know---so fascinating in its depth. Love your blog!